Inge Hooker Photography | The Process
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 When choosing clothes there are two important factors to consider. Your skin tone and the background color.

Skin Tone: 

Choose clothes that complement your skin tone and eye color. Bright red usually doesn’t work for anybody. It’s just too strong a color.
› Fair skin and blue eyes try blues, pinks and grays.
› Green eyes try browns, greens and oranges.
› Medium or dark skin and brown eyes? You can probably wear most colors, but avoid those that closely match your skin tone → contrast is important.

Backdrops and shirt colors are important. If you choose a white background for your headshot and then wear a white or very light shirt you will blend into the background. Conversely if we do an outdoor shoot, with greenery in the behind you, a white shirt could be the perfect pick. Consider your background while choosing your clothes.


Tips to help you get your best headshot


Business/corporate professionals

I usually recommend dressing similar to what you would for an interview, or wear an outfit with a classic look. Consider your line of work. Are you an accountant or a programmer? What is the dress standard for your industry?

Author/artists – I suggest going with a more eclectic/brand-conscious style. Brainstorm how you are as an artist and what image you want to portray to your client base.



  • Shave or trim facial hair day of shoot.
  • Avoid a sweaty face bring a handkerchief or borrow some light face powder.
  • Matte skin and moisturized lips are key.
  • Natural-looking make-up is great.
  • Lipstick is great or simply moisturizing your lips is also beautiful.
  • Avoid skin shine by bring a nice powder or a tissue for your face.